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Dog training in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Owning a dog is a rewarding and enriching experience. At Swanky Paws, we know that the better you and your dog can communicate, the better your relationship will be.

Our trainers guide and train YOU as you bond with your dog and learn to speak their language.

Our positive dog training classes encourage good behavior through fun, informative group lessons led by expert dog trainers.

Private classes are available for a more specialized program. Our trainers will develop a training program based on your dog’s one of a kind personality, demeanor, and needs.

Dogs love to please, and they repeat behaviors for which they are rewarded. Positive dog training focuses on rewarding behavior that we want to see repeated, and ignoring naughty behavior so that it isn’t. Our expert trainers use positive reinforcement techniques. Positive reinforcement training (not treat training!) is the most effective method, supported by decades of research, to build a loving bond between you and your dog.

We offer a safe, fun environment where dogs can learn the skills they need for safety and comfort in all situations.

For dogs that need intensive training, we also offer board and train options.

We are busy, and we understand the need to accommodate your busy schedule, even if that means evening or weekend appointments. We also offer private lessons at the dog park or another location that best suits you.

Puppy Training:

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Did we say consistency? Timing and consistency are the keys to successful puppy training. Our individual puppy class packages introduce the basics and build on the commands you to practice at home. You will receive a detailed homework plan, and our trainers will be there every step of the way to support you. We cover basic training introduction, appropriate praise, leash walking, basic potty training, and more, plus plenty of time for puppies to socialize and play.

Full Attention:

You and your dog will have our Professional Trainer’s complete attention. With no other dogs or clients around, the lesson will be 100% devoted to you.

Custom Program:

Without the need for a moderate group lesson, our trainer will develop a training program based on your dog’s one of a kind personality, demeanor, and size.

Scheduling Flexibility:

We are devoted to working around your busy schedule, even if that means evening or weekend appointments. We can hold private lessons at your work, our facility, or other choice of location.

Goal Oriented:

We will create specific goals to meet through our training based off what you tell us you’d like to see your dog achieve.

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Price List

Service Duration Price
Basic Obedience (Private) 45 minutes $78.00
Advanced Obedience (Private) 45 minutes $78.00
Basic Group Class 1 Hour / 6 Week Class $240.00
Advanced Group Class 1 Hour / 6 Week Class $240.00
Puppy Class/Basic Manners 1 Hour / 6 Week Class $200.00


BOARD AND TRAIN: All board and train stays include two 30-minute training sessions per day.
Service Duration Price Commands
Basic Obedience 7 Days $750.00 Heel, Auto Sit, Sit, Down
Basic Obedience 10 Days $1,100.00 Heel, Auto Sit, Sit, Down, Stay, Come
Basic Obedience 14 Days $1,550.00 Heel, Auto Sit, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place
Advanced Obedience 7 Days $850.00 Commands as required – tailored to pet’s needs
Advanced Obedience 14 Days $1,650.00

* Prices are subject to handling fee, no guarantee on finish time or ability to complete groom.

Please Note:

Pets vary and all listed prices are approximate. The prices listed are examples of typical prices, but are not exact.

Additional services may be added at check-in.

Spa services, daycare charges and add-on prices are not included in price.


Meet the Swanky Trainers

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is a Certified Professional Trainer who graduated from the National K9 Learning Center’s school for dog trainers in Columbus, Ohio. He is certified in basic obedience, advanced obedience, behavior modification, utility course training, tracking, scent detection, retrieval, assistance dog work, breed identification and puppy development. He spent a year as an intern training service dogs for the disabled and now continues to train independently.

Aaron is passionate about improving relationships between dogs and their families. He has loved dogs from a young age and is always looking for ways to share his knowledge and experience with others in order to strengthen their bonds, and help enhance their quality of life.

Aaron currently lives in Suwanee with his Labradoodle, Reece, a cardiac alert service dog. He enjoys working with dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages and personalities to help them and their people live and communicate better together.

Aaron teaches group classes and private classes.

Magda Kozubek

Magda has been a member of the Swanky Paws team since 2015. While she loves all aspects of dog life, Magda has found her true passion in training. Besides training her own pets, Magda has used her aptitude for communicating with dogs to assist many Swanky Paws clients.

As a child, Magda loved dogs so much that she would often try to catch and train strays wandering in her neighborhood! Since moving to the USA from her native home of Poland in 2004, Magda has studied under several trainers and is currently working under the supervision of certified trainer Aaron Johnson. She has a true natural instinct and talent with dogs.

Magda currently lives in Duluth with her 100 lb Rottweiler, Zorro, and teaches group and private classes at Swanky Paws.