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Dog training in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Swanky Paws is now offering on site dog training through our partners, FurFit Pet Services!

FurFit Pet Services uses a relationship-based approach and positive reinforcement techniques to enhance and elevate the bond between dogs and their human companions. FurFit Pet Services focuses on on understanding why dogs exhibit certain behaviors and how strengthening the relationship and improving the communication between human and dog can create a healthy, happy, and lifelong partnership.

Swanky Paws Pet Spa is so excited to partner with FurFit and offer on site dog training on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.

Swanky Paws and FurFit Pets are offering a 6 week course at a discounted rate of $400.
Classes can be purchased individually for $85 each, as well, except week 6 which is a cumulative class.

Training Schedule

Session Subject Description
Week 1 Training Starts With The Trainer (No Dogs) Operant Conditioning Overview; Cues/Clickers/Rewards; Eye contact, Consistency, Attitude
Week 2 Connections Cues, Vocabulary & Visuals, Practice; Shaping, Communicating & Trust; Shaping Practice, Rewards & Event Markers
Week 3 Getting Used to Each Other Relate Cues, Event Markers & Rewards; Reinforce Cues, Event Markers & Rewards; Basic Cues, Vocabulary & Visuals, Introductions
Week 4 Practice Makes Perfect Combine Shaping, Cues, Event Markers, & Rewards; Practice Basic Cues, Troubleshoot; Introduce Targeting & Advanced Techniques
Week 5 Final Stretch Continued Basic Practice, Troubleshooting; Targeting & Advanced Techniques Practice; Loose Leash Walking
Week 6 Good Dog! Final Questions; Training Practice; Graduation Ceremony

For more information or to join a class, contact us or call Swanky Paws today at (678) 985-0005!